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What is our product :


Our goal is to develop potential of millions peoples with advices shared in our program, we work to make the best courses who can help our customers in the realization of their dreams.

Our program is a digital product, find all informations here :


How to sign up :


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First step you need to register on -> it's the network we use to share our revenus with affiliates.

What is ClickBank :


Once you're register contact us at :


You need to give us your ClickBank registration name, tell us and show us how you will promote our product (Youtube chanel, emails list...)


If you're accepted:

We will create a special page on our website with your affiliate HopLink.

We will give you our program for free.

We will give you 4650 articles in the personal development niche for FREE! (You'll never run out of inspiration for your videos,posts...)



 How it works :


What is a affiliate Hoplink :

A affiliate HopLink is a URL for a product page. It serves two functions: It directs users to a specific product page, and it tells ClickBank which affiliate was responsible for the visit by routing the traffic through the ClickBank HOP™ referral tracking system.

When a potential buyer visits a product page by clicking on your HopLink, ClickBank's referral tracking system records that you were responsible for the traffic. If that user buys the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission.


How it will look :

After the visitors register to download the free guide, they are sent at the product page:

You're gonna see your ClickBank registration name at the end of the order page (affiliate=yourname) it's how your sales will be track.


Maybe they will didn't buy the first time they see the product page.
No problem, we will send them more advices on " How become a better you" in the 30 days after they register to our emails list. (The product page link will be in the email with the advices)

If the visitors who clicked on your affiliate HopLink buys the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission.

How you get paid : does, it's the most trusted 3rd party Affiliates Program manager on the Internet! Checks/Wires are sent out Weekly or Bi monthly and are always on time.

You can log in and see your hops (how many people you've sent to our site), order form impressions, sales and commission payments all in real time!

How to promote our product :


Really important we want long term partners. It's not a single promo, we want you to increase your incomes month by month with us.

To make constant sales you have to share your affiliate HopLink on every videos you post and have posted.

More visitors you send on your link more sales you will get.

For more visibility put your affiliate HopLink on the first line of the description.

Exemple :

"Get Your Free Resource Guide : Discover The 5 Steps You Can Take Today To Become a Better You" ➔ "yourlinkhere"

We recomend you to use to shorten your link.

Use the 4650 articles we gave you and our program to make video subjects.

Start your title videos-posts by HOW exemple : How to overcome fear

Use "call to action" in your videos (Click on the link in the description, click below, get your free resource guide...)




If you have any questions contact us :